Every year we take our crazy t-shirt ideas to Image Ink saying “We want a million different colors on our shirts!” or “We want the softest vintage grey shirts, broken in only by the freshest of babies!” and Ben Walker just laughs at me. But then he tracks down what we really want, and walks us through step-by-step on how to do it…

-David Stringer

Our Facility

With our new 14 color press, we can make all of your t-shirt dreams come true. 14 colors you ask? Yes. Yes we can.

14-Color Press



People communicate ideas, emotions, knowledge, and understanding with images. The images we see everywhere attract us one way or another, excite us about our favorites, and give us a reason to support an organization. Our goal? Positive experiences with apparel, promotional items, and your work.

From screen printed t-shirts to embroidered polos and from custom koozies to stickers bearing your logo, come see what Image Ink will make for you.

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