Deborah Langford

On behalf of The Langford Family, we sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication in providing us with such beautiful t-shirts. We stood out on the ship and Island. We received numerous compliments and some even thought there was a shop on the ship that made them for us. We were able to “spot” family members and friends from quite a distance. Again, thanks to you and your staff.


Tom Marable

My wife and I own a small apparel business and brand called “Lake Livin USA”, we had a printer prior to Chris and we were ready to quit because of what we thought were standard delays. Thanks to Chris, Ben, and Alex we are still in business and thriving!!!


Heather R Fitzpatrick

Great business and great work. I have used them for custom printed t-shirts for my class and for Healy’s 21st birthday. Just had them monogram my Christmas giflts.


Karen Solis

Thank you for being a business of your word. Your product is great and we have never had a problem.


Saluda Avalon

The Art Dept is fantastic – we’ve gotten shirts and other logo items super fast and at great prices! Chris is always great to deal with.


David Stringer

Every year we take our crazy t-shirt ideas to Image Ink saying “We want a million different colors on our shirts!” or “We want the softest vintage grey shirts, broken in only by the freshest of babies!” and Ben Walker just laughs at me. But then he tracks down what we really want, and walks us through step-by-step on how to do it. In fact, over half of the t-shirts I wear were printed at Image Ink. They know what shirts fit best, they know how we want our t-shirts to look and best present Best of all, their prices are outstanding for the quality of the product. If you want to pay less and have a crappy shirt, there are plenty of places out there that can do it for you, but if you want a great shirt that you’ll see people wearing around town, then Image Ink is your place. In fact, I went to a music festival in Raleigh this weekend and sported three shirts. Valley Maker, Caroline Guitar Company, and my SceneSC shirt, all printed at Image Ink. Oh yeah, they did our coozies too.


Kenny McWilliams

I have used Image Ink countless times to print a wide variety of shirt designs. Every time their customer service has been exceptional and the quality of their work is amazing. As a result I consistently send my friends and clients to them.